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Our products come from the northern part of North America (Canada and USA). This is known as the Northern and Northern Appalachian region in the hardwood industry.


Why purchase more of an item that you need when just a few bundles will do?

This puts pressure on both your finances and your storage space.

At PRIMEWOOD, you can build your custom order with the products and quantities you actually need.

Five products on a single order?  Ten products or more? No problem.


Consistency, Diversity and Quality

At the end of the day, you want problem-free lumber.

You want happy customers who sing your praises.

From sourcing to cutting, drying, classifying and shipping, PRIMEWOOD doesn’t leave anything out.

We do all this with a singe goal in mind; to offer you the consistency, variety and quality you need.

THICK STOCK (10/4, 12/4 and 16/4)


16/4  Hard Maple, Walnut, Cherry,White Ash and Basswood

12/4 Hard Maple, Walnut, Cherry, White Ash, White Oak, Red Oak, Soft Maple and Bassswood

10/4 Hard Maple, Walnut, Cherry, White Ash, White Oak, Red Oak, Soft Maple, Basswood and Yellow Birch.

FSC Certification

You need FSC lumber?  If yes, Primewood can help you.  Most of our species can be sold as FSC.

Here’s our current FSC certificate

We operate from three different locations

Plessisville QC CANADA
  • Northern region
  • Double-cut band mill (2 headrigs)
  • Optimizer edger
  • 21 500 000 BF annual production (51 600 CBM)
  • Bin Sorter (Green chain and KD chain)
  • 24 dry kilns ( 1.3 MBF capacity)
  • Planner mills & Straigt line ripping
  • 1.5 MBF KD stock for prompt shipment (3600 CBM)
Drummondville QC CANADA
  • Northern region
  • 4.5 MBF (10 800 CBM) of KD stock for Mixed containers and prompt shipment
  • Vision Tally
  • Flexible delivery
  • Close distance from port of Montreal
Richfield PA USA
  • Northern Appalachian region
  • 7 dry kilns (400 000’ capacity)
  • 1 pre dryer (400 000’ capacity)
  • 250 000’ of KD (600 CBM) stock ready for prompt shipment
  • Close distance from port of Baltimore

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