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From your landing to our mill

Here at AMEX we work closely with well over 100 different transport companies. Which is why we can offer you a fast pick up with a wide variety of types of trailers. Not all trailer sizes are available in every area, but we will make our best to send you what you need. We have 2 axles, 3 axles, 4 axles and bi trains. We stay in touch regularly with the transporters to ensure their truck will be on time. If there is a delay, we will advise you in a timely matter.

From our mill to your bank account

As soon as a truck enters the yard, the load will be identified with the same reference number assigned to you when you ordered a truck. It will ensure the load cannot be mixed up, even after unloading. If your load arrives in the evening, the scaling team will be able to tell apart each load very easily the next morning. We unload trucks until midnight all week.