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It’s a matter of trust

Because business is based on trust, each log is carefully measured by our experienced log inspector. Your trust is important to us, which is why we put the logs on a raised metal platform, allowing us to roll and see them easily on the 4 faces and both ends.

Transparency and simplicity

Transparency is important and we have nothing to hide: we chose to show all deductions made on your logs. You will see net and gross footage on your invoices. An explanation on why a deduction was made will be on your tally. You can always contact one of our log buyers if you need clarification or have questions.

Shipped today, scaled and payment processed the next day

Selling logs to AMEX is as easy as ABC. A simple call to our toll-free number (877-362-8307) will be enough to convince you. Our truck dispatcher will respond cordially and will handle all the details.

Your load will be displayed on our website, making it visible to over a hundred different carriers. As soon as your load is associated to a carrier, you will be notified by phone, SMS, email or fax with the details: pick up date and time, name of carrier and type of trailer.

Toll free number from any

cell phone package 877 362-8307