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We market your veneer

Our veneer resale program works like a co-op

Be assured that we are committed to ensuring that you get the best possible price for your veneer logs. Our goal remains on getting saw logs from you as our business is on the lumber side.

Step 1

As we receive and scale one of your load, our scaler will tag every log that has the potential to be a veneer log and set them aside for a future sale. (The tag resale # will appear in bold on the scale sheet beside the log selected).

Step 2

Every 5 or 6 weeks we proceed to a veneer sale. If one or more of your logs are being purchased buy the veneer buyer, we scan the tag and compile it with other logs selected to be downloaded in the computer. Each log is priced at absolute value so even if the scale is different (trimming or upgrading), the computer will make the difference between the selling price and the cost of the log (price paid + trucking + handling fee), and so determine the profit per log.

Step 3

The next day following the veneer sale, we will provide you with a reimbursement report that we call: VENEER SALE REFUND. This report will clearly show all your logs that were selected during this sale. For each of the logs selected you will find the following details.

  • The load number
  • The tag number
  • The specie
  • The length
  • The diameter
  • The footage
  • The price paid per 1000’,
  • The amount already paid for that log,
  • The expenses associated with this log,
  • The amount this log was sold for,
  • The balance (your refund)


  • David Vigneault

    Procurement Manager

  • Luc Lambert

    Log Buyer

  • Jean-François (J-F) Audet

    Green Lumber Buyer

  • Annie Lavoie

    Dispatch / Log Buyer

* All logs selected for potential veneer will be paid for the same day as the load comes in. Only the difference will be sent to you if the log is being sold for veneer. If the log is rejected, you will not receive any other notification.

** Please note that all species are not necessarily sold to a single buyer. It is possible that you have other logs called “potential veneer” which may be submitted to another buyer at a future sale. Be assured that we are committed to ensuring that you get the best possible price for your veneer logs. Our goal remain on getting sawlogs from you as our business is on the lumber side.




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